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Life is more valuable than you hold.

21.09.2009 15:30:18 / healing

It's always fun to connect with you and share what we have to offer and thank you very much. You need to take advantage of your knowledge and experience. in order to overcome difficulties and look forward to the light towards the light.

Do not doubt your ability when the world is as ugly as it is at the moment to deal with life and gain your light and vibration in the heartbreak.

Do not doubt the existence of God and let him into your hearts in the coming winter because you need him.

Then the truth will be upon you and the fear disappears from your breasts. The fear is your worst, he absorbs negative energy, and your fragile body will yield and weaken in one form or another, and you are all up to work.

We find so many angry people who radiate all over the world and have a very bad impact on the energy field, and we try our best to save you, but it's not a fact that it will benefit everyone unfortunately. It's so with humans that some are better than others, and apply the power of the poor to at his expense, but it was not written in the holy book. The law of God has been broken. writing September 22th

We are continuing from the last meeting. You can imagine the life flower of a new life as you are now beginning because other laws do not bother or worry under the guidance of those who taught you before you began your life on earth where you were taught life values to fulfill in the new life that can not be used words of the experience in our state for the journey to the earth.

But what is it that you must do to achieve this peace in human society. You must be confirmed in the faith of the universe that you were taught at the outset and in this way you can cleanse your body and the soul that shines light and shine again to you.

Who has not heard of wars in the name of faith and had sympathy with their victims, but the man does not learn from the experience unfortunately and disaster continues.

Men seek justice for iniquities but find nothing but violence of some kind. Show the world image in their misery with some who need to steal murder and rape drinking and misery in their descriptive form. Did they choose this way?

No, it is not in every case, but the greed of individuals to live on others' misery for promotion. The rulers of any kind will never solve the problems of the world, and those who stand for them must stand their actions when they come to us and need to account for their injuries in new developments.

Writing September 23

Let's continue writing, and now let's go a long way back this time, and it's up to you to sit out in the wild at night and watch the stars and see if any of them are brighter than others. You need to think of the changes that have taken place over the centuries since the heavenly son was laying in the womb of pure maiden, named Maria, but she is not the same Mary who was considered a prostitute and was stoned, while the faithful followers stood guard with her and gave birth to the other mother's protection. It was also written that in Aquarius's time zone, the children of light should be born in your world, but it is also written that Christ will again show you when the time is right.

The Romans' Romanians had been such for over 2,000 years that they killed the Christian faith that was being put in place for human beings.

Muhamed prophet foretold in his message that you should love your neighbor as you share food and shelter with him, and these were not empty but truths for the purpose of cleansing your hearts, but it does not necessarily mean that they are dirty but rather as peers without greed in worldly wealth.

Many of us work with earthly ways, although they have never experienced such a thing, but they do not impede their work as knowledge is as wide as they have. Many of them are in Iceland but have not yet come to work with us but the role is all about same hurts to work for the benefit of mankind to changed ways of life in the spirit of God's law.

Your natural habitat has caused a lot of damage to the Earth's biosphere, creating an imbalance in the air as it is on the ground, resulting in natural disasters that will not be stopped, and ultimately, there will be no rapid change in access.


Farið inn á Gestabók, farið neðst á síðuna og skrifið ósk ykkar um að ég leiti eftir svörum við spurningum ykkar frá vinum okkar að handan.

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